Wednesday, 8 June 2016


I had a lovely surprise over the weekend - an e-mail from Fireborn Publishing offering me a contract for the second novella in my series of erotic romances!

This story will be The King's Captain, and it develops the story on from Knights Errant.

So now I'm waiting for the editor to send me her comments on my draft, then get to work on the revisions which will turn it from a draft-with-potential to a published book. I enjoyed this process with my first book, even if it did get a bit hectic at times. If only I didn't have to fit writing in around a day job...

The other thing which caught me on the hop with my first novella was finding suitable images for the cover art. I was surprised how hard it was to search stock photo agency websites and find images I was happy with. So this time, I've already found some, including a photo of my own which I think fits the story pretty well.

As soon as I've got an agreed cover, I'll share it as part of my marketing effort. I've already come up with two blurbs, one really short and one a bit longer. I'll look at these a few more times, as other ideas might pop into my mind once I've re-read the story a few more times.

And I'm already writing the first draft of the third novella, about three-quarters of the way through. This one first popped into my imagination in the form of a very short story, about 400 words. Probably be about 40,000 words when I've finished it...

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