Sunday, 22 May 2016

Review - Plumbers And Other Lovers, by Spencer Dryden

Just finished reading Plumbers and Other Lovers by Spencer Dryden, published by Fireborn.

I enjoyed this collection of four short stories, each with strong but gentle erotic content, told from the points of view of a different skilled working man. They all meet clients who are fun to work for...

Summer Heat features a technician who wins a fair lady’s favour for repairing a faulty air conditioning unit in her bar, opening on a hot, hot day.

In Love Above See Level, a happy beach bum cum handyman meets an unusually tall woman, a basketball player in the twilight of her career.

A recently-divorced heating technician working the Christmas shift in snow-bound Minneapolis is called out by a woman whose furnace has failed, and all her property is in the back of a truck stuck in a snowdrift.

The Accidental Gigolo is a plumber desperate enough for work to risk falling out with his union. He helps out a friend, who he’s suprised to realise offers more than just plumbing repairs.

All the stories feature a decent, honest and nice guy. Spencer clearly knows enough about the sort of work these characters do to make them seem that bit more realistic. And all four make me a bit jealous, as they have a lot more luck with women than I ever did! Yes, they pander a bit towards male fantasies, but not so much that they’re unbelievable. It's all good fun. Clean? Well...

These are four entertaining, well-written adult stories. And they left me smiling and happy for the characters.

If you like the sound of it, the book's available from the usual outlets, including the Fireborn Publishing website store:

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