Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I recently enjoyed reading "Demons", a lively and entertaining erotic story written by CJ Hartnett, and I gave it a 5-star review on Amazon.

Lots of intense, steamy sex, not-too-graphic violence, supernatural characters, twists and turns. I liked the way CJ told the story, short chapters alternating between the characters. Mina’s are first person, Caleb’s in close third person. I was kept guessing until close to the end, where there are some interesting twists... It ends on an optimistic note, leaving scope for “more to tell”.

And there’s already a second story, Demons In My Heart, telling the story of two of the minor characters in this first book. This is already on my kindle and I'll read it soon.

And it's available free for one day, on November 16th

DEMONS by CJ Hartnett

Succubus demons thrive on sex for power. Except Mina. It’s a simple life. No attachments. No attractions. But when she meets Caleb, the sex is phenomenal and she actually feels something. Caleb just wants a one-night stand, but after having mind-blowing sex, he changes his mind. They agree to be friends with benefits. When Mina and Caleb learn the truth, will their white-hot passion be enough to stop them from killing each other?

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If you want to get in touch with CJ, here are her contact details:
Twitter: @cjhartnett7
Instagram: cjhartnett7

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