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When I've read a book or listened to an audiobook, I try to post honest and constructive reviews on as many sites as I have access to. This is usually Goodreads, the Amazon UK and US sites, along with some publishers website shops, and the Audible website for audiobooks I purchased there.

I know how much a review means to me, and I don't think for a second that any other author is different.

So, three books I've recently read, with links, and the reviews I posted on Amazon.

Tsura: A World War II Romance, by Heather Anastasiu
I enjoyed this. The strong storyline combined romance with a very plausible picture of life in Romania in 1943. Tsura, an engaging and realistic character, tries to survive and wants to be with the man she loves, but has to accept some huge compromises.

Some aspects of the story were rather intriguing. I’d never thought about life on the "home front" within Eastern Europe or one of Germany's allies, nor how it might be to have to get along with Nazis and their sympathisers, or that you might actually quite like them despite their politics.

Despite being part 1 of a 2-part story, it doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger. This phase of the story is wrapped up well enough, but with a strong “to be continued” feel. Nicely done!
(in the UK, just swap the .com for

Werewolf U, by Brenna Lyons
Imaginative, entertaining, fast-paced and seriously steamy! I’d love this to be a longer story, simply so Brenna can show us more about the characters and their fictional world. I was impressed by the clear writing in the love-making scenes, as three-way action can be tricky to describe.
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Trainwreck Book 1, by Michael Michelle Rakes

Wow. The main character isn’t pushed outside his comfort zone, it’s totally out of sight from beginning to end.

There are two interwoven themes, one an interesting sex-related cop story, the other is how Vincent copes with the incredible problems he has in his head, his marriage and his work. Gritty simply doesn't describe it, this is a rough, intense ride and the sex is very BDSM. Although this isn't really my taste, I just kept wanting to read on... Excellent writing.

Whoever advise the author to split this into two books is a rotten so-and-so, as this book ended as things spiralled downwards, and I wanted to know what happens next! But I’ve already bought book 2, so I can find out.
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